Recycled Displays and Upcycled Furniture at the Nest on Bradley Street

Recycled Displays  and Upcycled Furniture at the Nest on Bradley Street

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Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since our last post, so we are especially proud to begin this new set of articles with another local business: The Nest. This interesting shop, once located by the Cultural Arts Center in Carrollton, now finds its home across from the AMP, Carrollton’s local outdoor theatre. The Nest hosts vintage furniture, an array of items to decorate your home with, and  vintage inspired trinkets and jewelry made by artists and crafters. Donna Maner and Carla Duncan, a mother and daughter duo, are the creative minds behind the Nest and its very hospitable atmosphere. These two crafty women refurbish by hand much of the furniture for sale and get their hands dirty making shop displays and one-of-a-kind shelving from paper, fabric scraps and a variety of well-used materials.

Carla and Donna at the Nest

Donna  Maner and Carla Duncan

The picture at the top of this article, featuring a past window display, is a prime example. Coffee filters and string are turned into decorative hanging garland, while corrugated cardboard and fabric are turned into a giant, elegant wedding cake centerpiece. This particular display was made in honor of Carla’s wedding that occurred earlier this year. Other displays found throughout the shop exhibit the same great aptitude for turning a variety of odds and ends  into imaginative decorations.


Wedding Display



Since the rise of Pinterest’s popularity, many individuals and even big chain stores have become invested in the upcycled, DIY mentality. For Donna and Carla, however, this mentality is not new, but a natural outcome of their upbringing. Donna was taught as a child the techniques for turning the old into the new, such as sewing and tool usage. Being inventive by making decorative and functional items was not faddish but just what everyone in the family did. Carla was raised with this same rationality. Together, the two create a cleverly creative shop suited well for contemporary trends where new items revisit the past and old items are given a chance to have a second, perhaps even better, life.


Visit the Nest’s Website at

or stop by their shop at 121 Bradley Street, Carrollton, Georgia.






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